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The Golden Hour... on location in Oxfordshire

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous Leith family at their home in Oxfordshire. Karen and her three children are old family friends of ours, and it is wonderful to see how the children have grown into such lovely, caring young people. They were a real joy to photograph, and as I think you’ll agree, pretty photogenic too!

The session was split into indoors and outdoors, and during our pre-session consultation over Skype, Karen filled me in on their characters and we planned different posing options in order for their personalities to shine through.

Then we headed outdoors for some fun in the woods, just in time for ‘Golden Hour’, the last hour or so before sunset where the light is just so very beautiful at this time of year. It really makes the heart sing!

So here are a few of my favourites from the outdoors part of the session, let me know what you think.

Rachel x

Ps. I have just a few remaining ‘Golden Hour’ sessions available for November, so if you’d like to discuss how this would work for your family, click here and i'll call you for a chat!

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