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A Fathers' Day Gift that keeps on giving?

Gifting for our parents is always a tricky one in our house. In the last few years, we've clubbed together with my brother and sister to buy something a bit more special than flowers or clothes. But if there is a special birthday, we get really stuck!

That's why a few weeks ago I launched my family portrait session gift vouchers. These are valid for 6 months, and a suitable date can be arranged after the vouchers are gifted, so they can still be a surprise. Often the recipient may be the family organiser, and as such would want to be hands on in the planning of our portrait sessions, especially when choosing the style and location. Included as part of each of my packages, I find the planning sessions great fun, and they help me get an idea of the type of portrait that would suit your house. Perhaps a lavender backdropped group portrait would look perfect in your lounge, or maybe a striking black and white portrait would just perfectly catch the eye at the end of your hallway.

Gift vouchers can be for any of my product packages, which are each designed around and include a particular art product, or for your own bespoke packages. Product packages start at £225, standard photo session packages start at £145. Please contact me for more details.

In the meantime i'll leave you with a couple of images from a session with my little ones with their wonderful Daddy... We had brilliant fun exploring in the woods and making dens that day, and made some lasting memories.

Rachel x

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