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Walls With Love

One of the things I love about running my own business, especially as a Photographer, is being able to support fellow businesses in the local area. Whether it is for Headshots, Corporate Photography or even Product Photography, quality images can really help boost business on social media and business' website.

On Monday I was delighted to work with the hugely talented Kate Love, a local artist who paints her artwork onto reclaimed wood. Such a lovely idea, taking something natural and creating something beautiful that is absolutely one of a kind.

Kate is currently exhibiting her work at the Blue Anchor in Tadworth, an amazing pub and restaurant by the way (it is our go-to happy place with visiting family, or indeed for a Friday night catch up with friends!) and it's well worth a visit to see her stunning paintings.

My particular favourites are the half portraits of a Swan and Giraffe (created as a diptych although also available to buy separately), The Swan and Cygnets, and the stunning portraits of the Golden Retriever and Puppy.

All of the above are available to purchase directly from the Blue Anchor, and as we go to press are currently available. So if you spot a must-have piece, or would like to see these gorgeous pieces for yourself, I suggest heading down to the Blue Anchor for a drink and a browse (the Silent Pool gin is delish if you're partial to a nice gin like we are!)

Kate does take commissions, however she is now fully booked into next year, so drop her a message to get on her waiting list!

With love,

Rachel x

Ps. To see more of Kate's work, check out and details for the Blue Anchor in Tadworth, Surrey can be found here

If you'd like to see the full gallery, visit


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