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My First BIPP Portfolio Review

Earlier this week I went up to Holborn for a portfolio review with the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography).

One of the reasons that I chose to apply to the BIPP was to help me grow and learn as a Photographer, and to gain a vocational qualification in my new profession. The 2:1 BSc degree I received from Oxford Brookes all those years ago was in Information Systems, so although it helps having the technology background given our age of digital photography, it isn't directly contributing to helping me better myself as a Photographer.

Having been accepted as a Provisional Member of the BIPP, I now have up to a year to submit a 20-25 photograph portfolio on my chosen subject. Never having done anything like this before, I was a little intimidated and really didn't know what to expect! Asking to have my work judged by a seasoned master photographer was so outside my comfort zone, I decided I just had to go for it, hear what they had to say, and take as many notes as possible!

My review was conducted by the industry-leading destination wedding photographer David Wheeler, who had lots of amazing suggestions and information for me to look for, revered photographers to study and techniques to work on. He was very complimentary about a couple of the recent photographs that I shot at Mayfield Lavender, which we've decided are the first contenders for my final portfolio!

With the theme of Child Portraiture, I now need to work on images that portray my knowledge and understanding of all aspects of photography to a high level to create not only the perfect photograph for my clients, but an image that passes the technical scrutiny of some of the best photographers in the UK.

Nothing like aiming high, hey? But what do they say, shoot for the moon, and if you miss you'll still land among the stars. Sounds a ridiculously tall order, but hey, here goes!

Rachel x

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